Why we’re doing this

  • Women’s football is the highest growth sector of football and an incredible growth opportunity in football globally.
  • Existing structures at FIFA and its members (associations, confederations) aren’t geared to aggressively grow women’s football or to promote gender equity and inclusion.
  • Gender inclusion brings value to organizations and drives performance. It also provides a unique opportunity to help shift culture at organizations in a positive way. For football to truly reform, a change in culture is needed.
  • Much has been promised with the reforms and in FIFA 2.0 with respect to gender equality and inclusion – and to help the women’s game realize its enormous social & commercial potential. From having worked inside football organizations, we know that the reality is that when it comes to moving from policy to  implementation, senior people often need to use precious political capital to move the ball forward. That’s a recipe for change to happen slowly (if at all) and it’s not sustainable.
  • Individuals within sports governance systems find it challenging to be outspoken in seeking change, as the facts show that they may be punished for doing so. However, collective voices are both powerful and effective.

The gap we intend to fill is to be an external organization that:

  • Continues the momentum from the reforms with respect to gender inclusion in football;
  • Shines a light on gender inclusion commitments to enable change agents inside football governing bodies to respond with progress without having to use precious political capital to do so;
  • Provides expertise via working groups in a variety of key areas needed to advance the women’s game and women in the game. These working groups provide football stakeholders such as governing bodies, clubs, leagues, sponsors, NGOs and the media with an input and review mechanism utilizing the best and the brightest minds the game has to offer;
  • Provides a safe place for women in football around the world to convene, share knowledge and develop solutions;
  • Proactively proposes policies and measures to football bodies to help realize the spirit of gender inclusion promised in the reforms.

Our Objectives

1. To convene the international community of women in football

By connecting peers, supporters and influencers across all roles to share and leverage our knowledge, experience and opportunities.

2. To educate stakeholders by advocating for gender equality, diversity, reform & integrity

By applying expertise in research, monitoring, policy development and public engagement.

3. To influence football’s leaders, stakeholders and institutions to deliver on gender equality commitments

By identifying issues, challenging unfairness, promoting collaborative dialogue, developing solutions and instigating change, and supporting our members to do likewise.


Our initial goals

We want to translate momentum from public commitments and statutory changes made during the reform process – into strategies, policies and actions to make them reality.
To that end, our specific goals for the first part of this campaign seek action and transparency on public commitments already made. These include:

  1. Establishing a benchmark gender audit for football’s governing bodies, conducted by an independent 3rd party and published by FIFA. Progress on established gender inclusion metrics would be tracked by independent parties and published by FIFA every 24 months.
  2. Developing a strong commercial strategy and performance benchmarks for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.
  3. Eliminating any rules or laws that bar women and/or girls from participating in the sport of football as players, fans, officials, and the like.