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Football Women International connects women around the world from all parts of the game. It is our platform to collaborate and share a collective voice to advocate on behalf of the development of women’s football and the inclusion of women in football.

Why now?

It is an exciting time for women in football. The women’s game is football’s biggest source of growth, and women are a rich, untapped talent pool both on and off the field.

Our voices are starting to be heard – but we know that more must be done to fulfil the promises of reform and equality.  The culture of football often leaves women isolated at the margins of the mainstream.  But with mutual support, collaboration and our collective voice, we can make true progress  and find lasting solutions to the challenges women face.

With women’s sport attracting unprecedented interest, now is the time to  realize the high growth potential of women’s football.

As sporting bodies fall under more scrutiny than ever, now is the time to promote gender inclusion and champion the advancement of women professionally.  Diversity will bring a wider talent pool and lead to better organizational performance across the game.

Football needs a movement that is focused on the interests of women and the women’s game as its top priorities. Join Football Women International, and help make lasting change.

Our objectives


Connect the international community of football women in all roles

Create a space to share our knowledge & experience among peers and across generations


Apply our expertise to important issues (e.g. governance, coaching, professionalization) and develop solutions that support gender equality, diversity and inclusion


Advocate for solutions and policies that address the challenges that football women face

Engage with football’s leaders & stakeholders to assist in the delivery of their gender equality commitments

In the news

Sometimes quotas are the only way

Quotas are not as good as a well-functioning merits system.  But sometimes, they are the only way to create diversity in any meaningful timeframe.  In football, I doubt any woman would be in the governing boards at international level but for the quotas.  I was a quota in Fifa, and I am one in AFC. […]

Who Should Join

Football Women International is a broadly based group that connects women in the game, and advocates for gender equality in football. We invite you to add your name if you share our core beliefs and objectives.  We seek to advocate both for women’s football, and for women working in football.

We welcome:

  • Players, who want to play the game under the best conditions possible, and see women’s football to be given the chance to fulfill it’s enormous potential.
  • Ex-players, whose lived experience has given them a lifelong love of the game and a wish for every girl to have a better chance than they did.
  • Coaches and team staff who want to have the same opportunities to thrive as their male counterparts – not only in the women’s game, but also in the men’s.
  • Administrators and managers working in the game, looking to overcome glass ceilings and unconscious biases within football and stakeholder organisations, and/or who are working to ensure that the women’s game can gain the resources and focus to truly flourish.
  • Committee members and others aspiring to bring women’s voices into the decision-making forums and governance structures of football.
  • Fans who want to see the women’s game truly flourish, and who want all football to be welcoming for all genders.
  • All women and their supporters who want to leave the game better, fairer and more gender-balanced than we found it.

Can men join? Yes! If you share our values and want to support women’s football, and women in football, you’re welcome.

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